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Union Iron Works - 1890s (photo: UC Berkeley Geography Dept.)

Pier 70 Drydocks Sunrise (photo: Emil Flock)

Union Iron Works Shipbuilders on Deck of Warship - 1890s (Photo: UIW/Bethlehem)

Machine Shop - Building 113 - East facade (photo Ralph Wilson)

Pier 70 Drydocks (photo: Emil Flock)

Pier 70 Buildings 113 & 14 (photo Ralph Wilson)

Bethlehem workers pouring bronze for propeller - 1950s (Photo: UIW/Bethlehem)

Pier 70 - 20th Street - Building 101 - Administration Building (photo Ralph Wilson)

Building 104 - Office - Built 1896 (photo Ralph Wilson)

Pier 70 - 20th Street - Looking West (photo Ralph Wilson)

Risdon Iron Works - early 1900s (photo: San Francisco Public Library Collection)

Slip #4 Cranes (photo: Emil Flock)

Pier 70 Drydocks & Cranes (photo Ralph Wilson)

Union Iron Works - workers with gun for Monitor Monterey - 1890s (Photo: UIW/Bethlehem)

Birdseye View - 1916 (?) (Graphic courtesy of The Ramp restaurant)

Women Workers - 1918 (Photo: UIW/Bethlehem)

20th Street - East end - Forge shop (Bldg. 105) - 1937 (photo Ralph Wilson)

Pier 70 Drydocks (photo Ralph Wilson)

World War II Ship launching (Photo: UIW/Bethlehem)

Machine Shop (Building 113) Interior (photo Ralph Wilson)

Building 113 West end windows (photo Ralph Wilson)

Empty Drydocks (photo Ralph Wilson)

Drydock - World War II (Photo: UIW/Bethlehem)

Building #6 - Light Warehouse - Grafitti (photo: Emil Flock)

Machinists working on diesel driveshaft - 1950s (Photo: UIW/Bethlehem)

Broken Windows - Building 6 (photo Ralph Wilson)

Bethlehem Workers Building a Cargo Ship - 1950s (Photo: UIW/Bethlehem)

Bethlehem Workers Building a Cargo Ship - 1950s (Photo: UIW/Bethlehem)

Bethlehem Engineers - 1950s (Photo: UIW/Bethlehem)

Cargo Ship Drawing - 1960s (Graphic: UIW/Bethlehem)

SS Korean Bear - 1960s (Photo: UIW/Bethlehem)

Slip 4 Sunrise (photo Emil Flock)

20th Street Strikers - 1940s (photo: San Francisco Public Library Collection)

Pier 70 Aerial View - 1949 (Photo: UIW/Bethlehem)

Building 6 Sunrise (photo: Emil Flock)

View north from Noonan Building (photo Ralph Wilson)

Keel Laying - 1950s (Photo: UIW/Bethlehem)

Pier 70 - Buildings 101, 102, and 104 (photo: Emil Flock)

Rotting Piers (photo Ralph Wilson)

Summit Cruiseship in drydock (photo Ralph Wilson)