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The Future of Pier 70

The Port of San Francisco, working with its regulatory partners, and through an extensive community planning process, developed a Pier 70 Preferred Master Plan in 2007. The plan calls for rehabilitating historic resources, providing new shoreline open space and infill development, continuing historic ship repair operations, and conducting environmental remediation and infrastructure improvements where required.

The map aerial view and text below show what is planned for each part of Pier 70.

Pier 70 Future Plans Map

The best way to learn about these developments is to check out the Pier 70 area of Port of San Francisco web site.

Rehab Underway

Visitors to Pier 70 today will see that rehabilitation is well under way to the historic buildings on and near 20th Street. This work is being carried out by Orton Development Corporation and is expected to last another two years.

Repaired windows installed on Building 113.

Scaffolding in place on Building 104.

Repairs underway on Building 104.

Major repairs underway on Buildings 115-116.


Also check out the Pier 70 web site of Forest City, which has been chosen as one of the developers for the site.