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Current Uses of Pier 70

In addition, to being the location of one of the largest ship repair yards on the west coast, Pier 70 is used by numerous other businesses that lease buildings and outdoor areas from the Port of San Francisco.

Noonan Building Artists

One well-known group of Pier 70 tenants are the artists, designers, and others who rent studios in the Noonan Building. Noonan Artists Web Site

Other Tenants

Businesses that lease facilities at Pier 70 include Affordable Self Storage, Sims Metal, which operates a scrap metal collection site there, and Delancey Street Foundation, which leases storage facilities.

Pier 70 is also the site of the AM broadcast transmitter and tower for radio station KEST, 1450 AM, a 1000 watt non-directional station. The antenna is located in an open area at the end of 20th Street, and the transmitter is located nearby in a room within Building 21, just to the west of the Noonan building. The transmission line feed goes from the room to the 180 foot tower. KEST moved to the site in 1997.

Contact the Port of San Francisco for information about leasing.