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About this Site

This Web site is intended to increase public awareness of the historical importance and tremendous potential of Pier 70, Potrero Point, and nearby waterfront areas. It's meant to remind us of the skill, creativity, courage, and hard work of the men and women who were employed here.

This site was developed by Ralph Wilson, a Potrero Hill resident who has been exploring and photographing in the Pier 70 area for many years. Ralph is a retired technical publications manager and former librarian. He is a member of the Central Waterfront Citizens Advisory Group, which provides input to the Port of San Francisco regarding development of this part of the waterfront.

Although many people have provided encouragement and support, this site is an independent project. Suggestions, feedback, and additional content contributions are welcome.

In addition to photographs by Ralph Wilson, this site contains photographs by Emil Flock, who also provided invaluable editorial and moral support.

The site also contains archival photographs from the San Francisco Public Library, The San Francisco Maritime Museum Library, the Potrero Hill Archives Project, the Department of Geography, UC Berkeley, the Fireman's Fund, and the Bancroft Library. We gratefully acknowledge these contributions.